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Enabling secure remote work with Microsoft 365

In the last couple of years, businesses across the world have experienced a rapid, and in many cases abrupt, transformation to digital everything. This has, of course, been challenging for the SMB community.

We’ve seen our SMB customers redefine and retool their business operations to reimagine work in the new normal.

SMBs all around the world have been pivoting by making new work arrangements for their employees and customers and adapting new tools and ways to collaborate and communicate. And, of course, they are investing in security, an oft neglected area that kept them exposed to myriad security risks before the pandemic.

Specifically, we see customers face challenges in three key areas:


  • Need to get work done from anywhere, with anyone​
  • Change in team culture and ways people interact​
  • Maintaining employee efficiency and morale


  • Use of solutions that don’t play well together​
  • Lack of unified experience with meetings and calling​
  • Phone systems that weren’t designed to be used remotely


  • Risk of cyberattacks and phishing threats​
  • Employees using free or consumer solutions with minimal security​
  • Employees accessing work data from personal devices

Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution designed to equip business owners to respond to these three key challenges allowing employees to be more productive wherever they are, simplifying meetings and calling for employees, external partners, and clients, as well as securing the businesses by reducing the risk of costly damage from cyberthreats such as phishing, viruses, and ransomware attacks.

It includes products and services for real-time collaboration and secure work from anywhere, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and familiar Office apps.

Additionally, there are significant financial benefits of moving to Microsoft 365. In our experience, it is less expensive and easier to manage than a comparable collection of third-party products.

Microsoft 365

Essentially, Microsoft 365 is a complete solution for secure remote work for your company. As an integrated solution, it is one place for the productivity needs of your organisation, diverse communication needs – onsite or remotely, and all of this with baseline protection built into the product.

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Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions