Backup isn’t mission critical, until it becomes mission critical

Last year, the COVID-19 crisis necessitated remote working as nations across the world went into a lockdown. There was an accelerated transformation towards digital workplace to support remote working with collaborative equity. According to varied reports, remote working and the threat of cyber-attacks are the number one data protection concerns for most organisations in 2021.

And remote working in some form is here to stay. Many enterprise organisations have announced the introduction of hybrid working patterns moving forward and this hybrid model is expected to filter down to all sizes of businesses, even post pandemic. According to a McKinsey survey, in the post-pandemic future of work, nine out of ten organizations will be combining remote and on-site working after observing improved productivity and customer satisfaction during the pandemic.

The industry saw huge growth in the requirement for security solutions due to the move to remote working, and with backup and recovery provision essential to any security strategy. However, many resellers and MSPs do not have the capacity to provide a managed service for the solution, and we at Simplex Services expect an extensive uptake of our backup and recovery managed service.

Vuzion’s portfolio of security solutions provides full-spectrum protection for devices from server to smartphone, securing users, data, and devices even when not attached to the corporate network, and backup data to protect it from digital disaster. Vuzion’s backup and recovery managed service covers:

  • Customer onboarding
  • 24×7 reactive support
  • Proactive monitoring and alert resolution
  • Assistance in restoration

Whatever a customer’s working environment – now or post pandemic – backup and recovery provision is going to remain essential. If you’d like more information about our managed services around backup and recovery, drop us a line at or book a no-obligation advisory with our experts right away.

Photo by Markus Spiske