Seven years and counting

A desire to support customers in a way and to the extent they want was the key drive behind starting Simplex Services seven years ago. As years have passed, Simplex has managed to stand by this philosophy and its associates have further enhanced this concept.

Over the years, our assignments and engagements have ensured that we practice agility, simplicity, add value and showcase values. Above all, our associates think and deliver from the end-user perspective rather than purely a technology play.

Our key strength is the network of people – customers, associates and partners – and they have been the vital in the Simplex journey so far. We had our own share of learnings from the engagements that didn’t really go well, but they always supported us and kept the faith. This has helped instill and enhance mutual trust.

Simplex Services

As we celebrate our seventh birthday this week, I would like to thank everyone, directly and indirectly associated with Simplex, for their support, trust and faith in our abilities and making us better than yesterday.

Cheers and hope we have many more to come!

Originally published by Mohit Bajaj on LinkedIn