Human Resources

How HR departments can help improve operational excellence

At Simplex, our Human Resources department has established a set of standards and frameworks to improve employee satisfaction and organisational productivity while maintaining the highest levels of client satisfaction. Our workplace culture, including workspace environment, staff interactions, employee satisfaction, et al, strives to improve operational excellence.


A mid-year appraisal helps gauge both client and employee satisfaction with respect to project delivery, staff compensation, and other aspects of workspace culture. It also serves as a check point to take corrective action on the area of inefficiency whether it’s a requirement for some specific training or mentoring or a requirement of additional staff.

A mid-year appraisal is based on a self-appraisal system for the staff to enter their own assessment as well as a managed appraisal system to enter the feedback of the manager for the staff. These appraisal processes are aided by personal interactions to discuss the evaluation entries and require written recommendations by the managers on scope of improvement as well as escalations to upper management in case of any need of corrective actions.

The yearly appraisal, of course, includes a holistic evaluation of the staff performance to adjust the compensation accordingly as well as assessment of diverse issues of staff management, including personnel leaves, travel expenses, visa and immigration expenses, promotions and lateral movement, and training requirements. The yearly appraisal process also includes client feedback and management of client expectations.


The recruitment process involves several steps starting with understanding the client requirements which is key to identifying and recruiting a suitable staff. Several aspects of the client requirements – technical and non-technical – must be captured prior to the search process.

When a client advertises or sends the staff requirements to our company, it might not capture all the requirements. Our company takes an extra step to connect with the client to capture additional details as well as clarify the existing requirements to initiate a well-informed search process.

After that, the candidate search process involves contacting the candidates that we know already that have high performance scores as well as candidates that we haven’t come across before. To find new candidates, we engage with reputable agencies as well as online resources. In addition to the client requirements, we also develop our list of questions to filter out candidates that are not suitable for the position.

Once a pool of candidates is identified, we engage with recruiters to contact them and interview them over several rounds to selecting the perfect candidate for the position.


The on-boarding process must involve honing the technical and non-technical skills of the staff to ensure highest client satisfaction.

The employed staff members should be able to perform their duties as successfully as possible from the get-go. That said, we assess the skills of the selected staff and recommend apposite training programs and provide them mentoring to ensure that the skillset gap of the staff is narrowed.


With inputs from Madhuchanda Das, HR Manager at Simplex Services

Photo courtesy: Amy Hirschi