Microsoft 365

How SMBs can reduce costs and manage risks with Microsoft 365

Since the pandemic, businesses across the world have experienced a rapid – and abrupt – transformation to digital everything. Of course, this has been particularly challenging for the SMB community. While many SMB owners have strived for resilience, they’ve also been under additional financial pressures due to the macroeconomic climate.

As a result, SMBs all around the world are redefining their operations to, essentially, reduce costs and save money, protect themselves from new and unseen risks and cyberthreats, and remain productive and able to do their work remotely.

Here’s how Microsoft 365 offerings for small and medium-sized businesses can help them reduce cost and manage risks:

  • Vendor license cost consolidation: Consolidating to a single vendor can cost much less than choosing different vendors for multiple needs your business may have. Microsoft 365 includes many of the capabilities for which you are currently paying other vendors.
  • Reduce total cost of risk: The security solutions within Microsoft 365 can reduce the number of successful end user security attacks. Attacks that are successful are usually found faster when the impact is less severe.
  • Physical and travel cost displacement: Microsoft 365 helps organizations reduce office space costs by enabling them to move on-site employees to permanent, secure and remote positions. It also allows for valuable collaboration while reducing travel costs.
  • Save on automation and process improvements: Microsoft 365 helps organizations transform and streamline business processes through workflows, dashboards, and more.
  • Capex to Opex cash flow: Microsoft 365 allows to eliminate hardware costs by moving into cloud.

At Simplex, we’ve helped businesses manage these needs with apposite Microsoft 365 subscriptions that can enable improved productivity, collaboration, and security with one cost-effective solution.

Our Digital Workplace offering enables innovative ways of hybrid working – on-site as well as remote – and helps businesses align technology, people, and processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organisational goals. We seek to create a vibrant workforce by leveraging Microsoft 365 to offer a consistent user experience and secure and flexible access to necessary business apps, productivity tools, and organisation’s data.


Photo by Ed Hardie