Our free and non-obligatory advisory for assessing IT health of your organisation

At Simplex Services, we are committed to shape the future of IT and are constantly looking at ways to propel increased adoption of technology for benefiting businesses. We believe that technology will never stop evolving, it’s the nature of the beast. So, expert advice is vital to tailor a strategy that is most suited and suggest the right tech for your unique business needs.

We often notice that organisations spend a lot of time and effort in finalising and implementing IT infrastructure. If they are lucky, they get it right, but if there is lack of expert advice, they tend to overspend or do not optimise resources and costs. The focus is to get it up and running, rather than making it cost effective and sustainable.

To help address that gap, we are providing free and non-obligatory advisory for assessing IT Health, wherein our experts discuss and analyse your IT environment and highlight improvements for better utilisation of IT. Our team, guided by decades of experience and innovation, is focused on maximising the potential that technology can offer and align business priorities with the IT infrastructure, operating models, and costs.

Book an appointment here, and please do help us spread a word about our free advisory so that more and more organisations can benefit. You can also check out our service portfolio or read more about what we do.

Photo courtesy: Hans-Peter Gauster