Enabling business transformation with our Digital Workplace offerings

Digital Workplace is a modern, flexible version of the traditional workplace. It is characterized by the consumerization of IT and collaborative workplaces and offers improved productivity and collaboration with digital tools. A digital workspace has gained more prominence after the COVID-19 pandemic since there is a strategic move toward a hybrid work model and business continuity and resilience have become an organizational priority.

The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

– Gartner

At Simplex, with our Digital Workplace services, we enable the digital transformation of businesses to help align technology, people, and business processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organizational goals. Our Digital Workplace strategy seeks to create a vibrant workforce and improve productivity by leveraging apposite technologies with collaboration at its core.

Digital Workplace

We have a three-pronged approach for the same, targeting the users, the business, and the IT department.

  • The idea is to offer employees a consistent user experience across devices and unbridled collaboration not limited by geographical locations.
  • As a result, the business will see a productivity boost and achieve appropriate data security and compliance. It will also benefit from scalable and resilient IT Automation services with lower operational costs.
  • Lastly, the IT department will benefit from seamless app provisioning as well as pertinent security and governance. It will be able to maintain a healthy hardware lifecycle and achieve technology currency.
  • Digital tools, like knowledge management systems, allow professionals to document experiences, best practices, and know-how, which can be stored and shared with all current and future employees. This knowledge can lay the foundation for a much more efficient and productive workforce.

Digital Workplace

We have customers that partner with us for short-term digital transformation to modernize their workplace. These include deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, cloud collaboration rollout, upgradation of platform/devices as well as training and enablement. However, a deeper and consistent sustenance engagement helps us offer evergreen IT, device lifecycle management as well as workplace transformation. Let’s talk!


Photo by Hal Gatewood