ShopSimple: Bringing hyperlocal marketplace to the UK

ShopSimple is a mobile app developed by Simplex Services that brings hyperlocal delivery from local suppliers to the UK.

As part of the pilot, the service connects the local stores and consumers in the Sussex area by acting as an intermediary to conclude the customer’s orders and manage the experience of the shopping journey.

Local offline retailers, especially smaller stores, struggle to compete with the reach and distribution of bigger chains and online businesses aided by digital outreach and e-commerce. These self-sufficient stores and service providers can cater to the essential and non-essential needs of the customers with ShopSimple. ShopSimple will also help to exalt the business of offline sellers to entirely new levels bringing in new customers from a wider area.

With the ShopSimple app, customers are able to procure products and services from the stores and suppliers they know and trust with digital payments and the real-time tracking of deliveries. The hyperlocal ecosystem differentiates itself from mainstream e-commerce in its ability to deliver products and services in a short time – often in less than an hour.

ShopSimple helps stores focus on their core business operations by taking out the responsibility of making the products available to different customer segments.

If you are interested in the business of hyperlocal marketplace and want to learn more about the ShopSimple model, check out our whitepaper – ShopSimple: A Hyperlocal Delivery Service. Download the PDF , or read below.