Virtualisation - VMware alternates

[Whitepaper] A Virtualisation strategy beyond VMware

Across the landscape, the foundation of cloud continues to be virtualisation and ensuring the maximum utilisation of hardware underneath – irrespective of the underlying cloud service provider. Virtualisation refers to creating a virtual version of storage devices or computer network resources, among other things. VMware pretty much leads the virtualisation market with around 63% market share – between VMware and VMware vSphere – in terms of customers.

In November 2023, Broadcom, the multinational designer, developer, and supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products, announced the acquisition of VMware. This led the industry stakeholders to analyse the impact of the deal and businesses to evaluate options in the market.

This paper provides a view of the impact of the acquisition and available alternates. Since moving from one technology is not a straightforward exercise, the paper offers diverse options that can be considered. Additionally, the paper presents some of the key challenges that business faces in adoption of and/or migration to other technologies, along with associated mitigation plans.


Often, multiple options can be confusing and counterproductive. Over the years, Simplex has gained several insights based on myriad industry trends and disruptions. These have helped develop apposite models that enable organisations evaluate and adopt newer technologies or consolidate and minimise current spend.

To that effect, Simplex Services offers businesses a complimentary, no-obligation advisory with our experts to review and analyse your organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. Based on these insights, our experts will assist you on the approach to choose your options, and offer certain additional benefits owing to our partnerships with leading technology vendors.