Reduce the costs and complexity of data backup and disaster recovery

While building and developing business strategy and focusing on driving productivity and collaboration solutions, organisations often neglect backup and disaster recovery solutions. Many businesses skip disaster recovery considering it a minefield of expensive software, complex definitions, and difficult implementation.

However, due to the recent surge in cyberattacks, it is imperative to implement strong backup and DR solutions to keep your organisation and data assets fully protected and ensure business continuity.

At Simplex, we have a threefold approach to operational resilience, and it entails adapting and responding to as well as recovering and learning from operational disruptions, including a cyber incident, natural disaster, system failure, or sudden change in market conditions.

A rescue strategy

The best-case scenario is, of course, for none of your business data files or systems to be infiltrated in any way. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so data backup and disaster recovery must be built into networks and systems from the outset. If something goes wrong, as it often does, then you need to be certain that you will only be inconvenienced temporarily and not permanently handicapped. Our managed offering actively protects your files from unauthorised modification or encryption using AI and machine learning. The recovery time objectives are managed, and process disruption is minimised to a matter of seconds, keeping your business as productive as possible.

Quick and easy accessibility

As well as having a backup system that is secure, you also need to ensure that it can be accessed easily as soon as you need it. Using a cloud-based data backup solution means that your data is as protected as it is easy to access. Another benefit of adopting cloud-based backup solutions is that it can be accessed from anywhere – important as hybrid work models become more commonplace.

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Complete protection within one workflow

By choosing a solution with a centralised management and unified control system, not only can you back up your data to any kind of storage, but you also save money on licensing, education, and daily operations with a scalable tool that manages all tasks.

At Simplex, we help businesses build new levels of resiliency by revisiting their digital transformation of operations as well as transformation of business models to achieve cross-functional agility. To find out more about reducing the cost of data backup and recovery without impacting your security, check out the details of our Operational Resilience offering.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema