Cloud adoption is an off-the-shelf solution for all IT needs of SMBs

Understanding the overall company strategy should be the starting point for IT planning. Many organisations, regardless of size, lack business-IT alignment, and as a result, IT planning becomes a game of trying to strike a changing target.

To make matters worse, small businesses face a shortage of qualified IT professionals, insufficient operating resources, and inadequate IT management. As a result, organisations frequently fail to achieve desired business results, such as improved financial performance.

By making scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as managed services, cloud computing has become a game-changer for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs). Cloud computing, therefore, has transformed how IT is consumed and delivered, with the purpose of making it easier to manage complexity.

IT departments as IT service brokers

The cloud signifies the industrialisation of IT-supported service delivery. Cloud computing will not solve all the operational and technical challenges faced by SMBs, but it can assist them in keeping their IT simple so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Nowadays, SMBs use IT services that are focused on their line of business or similar businesses. On the other side of the fence, the service provider can serve hundreds of similar SMBs and benefit from economies of scale not accessible at the individual SMB level. Essentially, the IT department acts as an IT service broker, obtaining services from outside vendors and then delivering them to internal customers. Cloud computing solutions play an important part in this by ensuring that all necessary IT solutions are available on demand on a pay-per-use basis and on an as-needed basis.

This improved agility aids the company in achieving a faster time-to-market and, as a result, boosting the organisation’s competitiveness.

Cloud computing essentially helps SMBs in remaining business-focused while technology firms can provide IT services on-demand. At Simplex, we understand how cloud adoption helps small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises alike. The clear focus is to align business priorities with the architecture, operating models, and costs.


Nikhil Markad is an associate with Simplex Services.