[SimpleXConnect] Leveraging all the benefits of multi-cloud in one simple setup

For the next edition of #SimpleXConnect, Simplex Services is partnering with CAST.AI. The webinar will focus on how enterprises can leverage all the benefits of multi-cloud in one simple setup.

While enterprises gain advantages from migration to cloud, they pay for it by losing visibility in cost due to vendor lock-ins. Join our webinar to learn how enterprises can achieve complete cost transparency and optimise their cloud spends, while retaining infrastructural flexibility. You can register for the event here.

Topic: Cut Cloud Costs by 50% with No Downtime
Date: January 28, 2021 | Time: 12:00-1:00 PM GMT

For CAST AI—founded in 2019 in Florida, United States—multi-cloud means the ability to create and manage a Kubernetes cluster in any number of clouds. CAST AI claims to offer multi-cloud, the way it should be – start with one or multiple clouds and it will help you cost-optimize, auto-scale, down-scale, secure, troubleshoot, and get all the benefits from multiple cloud providers in a single logical setup.


CAST AI aims to be a NoOps multi-cloud infrastructure management platform made for an enterprise that needs speed & flexibility, global computing power, reusable products, control on costs, as well as access to all public cloud providers at once. It helps organisations stretch the solution across multi-cloud and gain resilience with automated fail-over strategy, automate infrastructure provisioning, and reduce cloud computing costs.

At the event, our panel of experts will include Justas Petronis (Senior Product Marketing Manager, CAST AI), Nate Reid (Solutions Architect, CAST AI), Omkar Pathak (Head of Digital Transformation, Konica Minolta), and Satish Billakota (Vice President & Head of Cloud Services, Prodapt Solutions). The session will be moderated by Paul Davies, Non-Executive Director at Simplex Services.                                                                                .

#SimpleXConnect is an initiative to bring the best minds in the industry together to understand the challenges, solutions, and innovations leading up to the next level of technology.