[SimpleXConnect] The Autonomous Kubernetes with CAST AI

With the upcoming edition of #SimpleXConnect, Simplex Services is extending its partnership with CAST AI to discuss autonomous Kubernetes. Measuring and controlling costs in Kubernetes environments is often complex. But it does not need to be.

#SimpleXConnect is an initiative to bring the best minds in the industry together to understand the challenges, solutions, and innovations leading up to the next level of technology.

Topic: The Autonomous Kubernetes: how an AI-driven approach reduces cloud compute cost by 90.6%
Date: April 15, 2021 | Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM GMT

In this session, we will discuss how an AI-driven approach renders your Kubernetes cluster fully autonomous and rightsizes your cluster in sub-minute intervals: automated scaling up and scaling down to zero your nodes and pods, smart selection of VM shapes in any clouds, and the automated use of spot instances. We will go over an experiment with the deployment of an application and apply autonomous techniques that fiercely controls and optimizes the cluster.

If any of the following apply, this webinar is for you.
… your org is moving more and more to the cloud
… find yourself complaining about cloud cost
… find yourself complaining about cloud complexity
… cannot hire fast enough to add more DevOps
… you are constantly speaking about Kubernetes
… you have questions around any of the above


This is not a yet-another-boring PowerPoint presentation. We will show the real-life deployment of an application and show different cost optimization strategies and real-time rightsizing. The session is technical, yet we will explain all steps in a simple manner that any developer or business person should follow.

For CAST AI—founded in 2019 in Florida, United States—multi-cloud means the ability to create and manage a Kubernetes cluster in any number of clouds. CAST AI claims to offer multi-cloud, the way it should be – start with one or multiple clouds and it will help you cost-optimize, auto-scale, down-scale, secure, troubleshoot, and get all the benefits from multiple cloud providers in a single logical setup.