Learn. Contribute. Grow.

Learn. Contribute. Grow.

In today’s world of information overload, it is imperative that every individual has a clear path to progress in their career. This is equally relevant for any company who wants to stay relevant in the industry.

There are so many options and pathways to success these days, but it can be equally overwhelming and confusing if the knowledge and experience is not aligned to trends and demands of the company and wider industry. As McKinsey highlighted, “while some jobs will be lost, and many others created, almost all will change”.

To address this change, the key three basic foundations remain important i.e.

  1. Learn
  2. Contribute
  3. Grow


While it is obvious, that every individual needs to learn the skills for future, it is also important to stay aware of what their own company has to offer, the areas of specialisation of the company. These two need to be tandem as both employees and organisations, are known due to each other. So, for example if an individual states they are expert in Cyber security, while their company portrays their specialisation is Data and Analytics, the story board should be aligned to say the cyber security aspects of wider and data and associated analytics, for consistent and convincing. Of course, the individuals should have experience in them.


While there are multiple channels to collaborate these days aka social media sites like LinkedIn, X, chat platforms like Microsoft Teams, email et al, for many organisations and individuals the information still exists and is shared in silos. With remote working, the good old water-cooler discussion, face to face meetings, cubicle discussions have been impacted. It is important that companies create an environment and encourage individuals to engage and talk more and more with their colleagues. There’s no better way to engage with diverse skillset of the teams to share and enhance knowledge. Similarly, individuals need to make a conscious choice to engage, communicate and share.


There has to be a motivation linked to every small and big achievement established by individuals to encourage them and formulate a culture of reward and recognition. Of course, the key is the tangible outcomes and tangible rewards. These should be in the form of monetary rewards like cash price, options for stocks/shares, vouchers. Of course, associated qualitative recognition has long term implications, so should be continuously given.

We, at Simplex Services as part of our recent Town Hall, have launched this theme of Learn. Contribute. Grow. The team is excited and living by this mantra and am sure every individual will shine in their careers, and this will help to increase our customer engagement and delight.


Photo courtesy: Sushobhan Badhai