Digital Workplace

What is Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace transformation is a modern, flexible version of the traditional workplace characterized by consumerisation of IT and collaborative workplaces. It enables innovative ways of hybrid working – on-site as well as remote – and improves productivity and collaboration by leveraging new-age digital tools.

At a Digital Workplace, employees are empowered with technology, and not constrained by it. It is typified by being hyper-resilient and agile, workload-centric, and device and platform agnostic fulfilling the needs of the next-gen workforce. A digital workspace essentially uses modern tools, policies, technologies, workload delivery models, platforms to create a collaborative workplace ecosystem.

The focus is not on devices or technology stack, but users’ productivity as well as the user experience.

One of our clients was facing severe user experience and performance issues following go live with a new IT system. Simplex carried out a 360-degree assessment of the IT ecosystem to eliminate bottlenecks. Following the audit, recommendations were made, and an alternate design was produced. The client was able to achieve increased reliability within the shared hosted environment as well as improved disaster recovery capabilities.

Benefits of Digital Workplace

With our Digital Workplace services, we enable digital transformation of businesses to help align technology, people, and business processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organisational goals. Our offerings facilitate secure and convenient remote access in modern digital workplaces to help boost employee productivity and enable a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there was an accelerated move towards Digital Workplaces. However, even after the pandemic eases, there will be a strategic move towards the hybrid work model with business continuity and resilience as a priority.

What we do

Our Digital Workplace strategy seeks to create a vibrant workforce by leveraging apposite technologies to offer a consistent user experience and secure and flexible access to necessary business apps, productivity tools, and organisation’s data.