How does Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform increase efficiency of innovation?

To succeed in a digital economy, organizations strive to optimize resources, accelerate development, and quickly adapt to market changes. However, routine tasks, manual processes, and inefficient workflows create a burden on the IT teams affecting the ability to quickly deliver value to customers.

An automation strategy can help your organization improve existing processes and execute your digital initiatives. Automation has become a top priority for organizations due to the increased speed, scale, and complexity of their hybrid and multicloud environments. Enterprises not only need the ability to easily create automation, but they also need to be able to share and reuse automation across projects and teams with the right level of governance and control.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform aims to be an expansive foundation for building and operating automation at scale. It combines the simplicity and composability of Ansible with the ability to scalably share automation with security.

Here’s how automation helps enterprises expand the scope and scale of their automation more rapidly to increase efficiency.

Simplify IT operations

One of the hallmarks of Ansible Automation Platform is its simplicity. Since all automation playbooks are written in a natural language, they are easy for anyone to understand, adopt, and start using. Since no coding skills are required, many users become productive quickly with little training. Ansible Automation Platform gives you a simple approach to improving operational efficiency, management, and scalability of heterogeneous IT environments.

Gain the power of open-source

Ansible Automation Platform is powerful enough to provision servers, manage configurations, automate entire workflows, and orchestrate the complete application life cycle. Ansible Automation Platform is built on Ansible open-source technology, which gets more than a quarter-million downloads on GitHub each month and has more than 3,550 contributors.

Boost efficiency – and innovation

By automating manual, repetitive tasks, you can help your staff work more efficiently and productively – giving them time to focus on innovation. Ansible Automation Platform provides an agentless architecture, reducing the complexity of your IT environment.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

According to The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat Ansible Tower, a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat, the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helped an organization achieve $1,321,364 in operational efficiency savings and $389,707 in infrastructure appliance software savings with 94% reduction in the resource hours needed to recover from security incidents.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can meet customers where they are in their automation journey, providing them a flexible foundation to facilitate success from multiple points in their IT infrastructure. Multiple roles within the business can use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, bringing the power of enterprise automation to more than just traditional DevOps workflows.