Multicloud – It’s imminent

2021 has to be the year of recovery after a pandemic hit 2020 meant most of the organisations re-strategized to focus on survival rather than growth. One of the common themes across various IT trends and projections will be the multicloud spend. A recent IDG’s survey of 551 IT decision makers found 21 percent already use three or more cloud services.

As organisations roll out their multicloud strategy to have the right cloud for right workload to increase agility and automation, cost optimisation, and availability to support their business needs, there will be lots of changes in the cloud landscape for most of the organisations, as projected here.

multicloud vendors

While there are multiple challenges in adopting a multicloud environment, the key ones are:

  • Cloud optimisation – how to ensure the cloud resources are optimally used?
  • Skillsets – do we have enough skills to adopt and manage multicloud environment?

We at Simplex have solutions to address these concerns to help our customers continue to benefit from cloud.

Cloud Optimisation

We partnered with CAST AI to focus on how enterprises can leverage all the benefits of multi-cloud in one simple setup and ensure there are no more wasted resources with multi-cloud Kubernetes management platform. CAST AI claims to offer multi-cloud, the way it should be – start with one or multiple clouds and it will help you cost-optimize, auto-scale, down-scale, secure, troubleshoot, and get all the benefits from multiple cloud providers in a single logical setup.

As part of our #SimpleXConnect series, our latest webinar focused on cutting cloud costs by 50% with no downtime. #SimpleXConnect is an initiative to bring the best minds in the industry together to understand the challenges, solutions, and innovations leading up to the next level of technology. Here’s the recording of the session.


A Gartner study revealed that virtually all clients struggle to find the skills needed to apply public cloud computing. We, at Simplex, can help fill that gap with our associates skilled in having hands-on experience in strategizing and managing a multicloud environment. Book a complimentary Simplex Advisory and we can help you bridge you that gap.

Photo by Dallas Reedy