Simplex Services - BIM4Water

Harnessing automation and AI to support water sector in UK

Simplex Services has partnered with BIM4Water to drive change, together, for the implementation of IT solutions that will help promote a lean digital approach in the water sector in the UK.

The need for standardised symbology and taxonomy in asset management is ever prevalent across the water sector, as the sector sees inefficiencies in its operating model.

What value does digital transformation add to the water sector? How does this help Owner Operators achieve their ODI (Outcome Delivery Incentives) requirements in support of Ofwat’s PR24 challenges and ambitions?

  • The customer expectation on service, society and environment
  • Climate change
  • Affordability challenges

The new partnership between BIM4Water and Simplex Services aims to address these challenges, improve confidence in decision making, and enhance operations. BIM4Water is a UK Water Industry forum that consists of a cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the management and delivery of water and wastewater assets. Focussed on the digital space, it undertakes activities in all aspects of ‘Better Information Management.’

“This partnership exemplifies a few things… 1) stepping outside of traditional water sector roles for “best for task” in appointing a IT consultancy to provide specialisms in automation and AI, 2) the need to identify the Owner Operators motivators to better drive digital transformation adoption and getting to the root cause of what ultimately drives the sector, and 3) the need to standardise symbols and taxonomies in support of providing quality assurance and efficiencies in the water sector.”

Clare Taylor, Chair of BIM4Water

“The mission of BIM4Water is to lead the digital transformation of the water sector, and Simplex Services has identified synergies in their work programmes. Simplex Services will use its capabilities and experience to assist in these work programmes and help accelerate the uptake of digital transformation in the UK water sector as well as support the enablement of organisations such as water companies, consultants, contractors, suppliers, et al.”

Mohit Bajaj, Co-founder and CEO, Simplex Services

The aim of the BIM4Water and Simplex Services partnership is to…

  • Deliver a software solution that links value added from digital initiative adoption to ODI’s at Water Framework level to better drive adoption.
  • Deliver a Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) audit tool to drive quality assurance against each Owner Operator’s minimum asset standard requirements.
  • Deliver a standardised P&ID symbol library across the water sector; with future development of nature-based support solutions.