Vulnerability Management as a Service

What is Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

According to a report by the National Cyber Security Centre of the UK, 81% of large companies report security breaches. And 60% breaches were because of unpatched vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Management as a Service, or VMaaS, aims to tackle this.

The average cost of security breach is £600k to £1.15 million. But apart from the business risks around loss of revenue, organisations also loss of reputation. However, the limited resources and the lack of required skillset as well as complex compliance requirements make end-to-end vulnerability management and remediation difficult.

VMaaS is a technology agnostic, automated, and context aware managed service that helps organisations achieve compliance through vulnerability scanning and delivers reports and insights about overall security posture.

Benefits of Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

VMaaS entails consulting where existing environment is analysed and gap analysis is conducted across processes, tools, asset inventory, and automation. It aids in defining and implementing a remediation plan.

The implementation involves helping customer fix gaps and implement improvement areas followed by vulnerability remediation, SLA-driven delivery, and reporting.

What we do

At Simplex, we help our customers discover assets and take inventory as well as define the scope of the VM process. Once we have a buy-in from all the stakeholders, we prioritise and schedule vulnerability scans and detect critical vulnerabilities.

We create reports aligned with business requirements and define and implement the remediation plan. In the end, it is verified if the vulnerabilities have been mitigated and the systems are rescanned to verify the remediation.

Our predictive analysis and fixing avoids unplanned breakdowns or disruption. We replace the “apply all patches” approach with a risk-based approach and comprehensive vulnerability management and remediation.