Skill Enhancement

What is Skill Enhancement

It’s no secret that people and processes make an organisation successful. Therefore, in a continually evolving technology landscape, talent gaps can slow down the growth and success of an organisation.

Skill Enhancement enables businesses to comprehensively and effectively upgrade the IT skills of their workforce and aids in the digital transformation of the organisation. As part of our diverse professional services that facilitate and enable adoption of cloud technologies, with the Skill Enhancement offering, we also help businesses with IT upskilling needs that benefit on an ongoing basis.

We’ve partnered with QA, the biggest training provider in technology, project management, and leadership in the UK, to leverage its enterprise training platform called Cloud Academy. Cloud Academy has been designed to transform the technical capability of the workforce and helps assess, develop, and validate their tech skills with structured training plans, skill validation in live environments, and built-in accountability.

One of our clients, NSALAB, that partners with organisations to develop and implement infrastructure solutions, faced a challenge of gaining mastery in AWS in a short amount of time. Cloud Academy enabled them with AWS training courses, skill assessments, and hands-on practice in real cloud environments all in a single platform. At the end of the training, they were able to achieve 200% increase in AWS skill growth in only one-and-a-half months.

The Cloud Academy training library provides access to over 10,000 hours of technical learning to master AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, and much more. It also allows organisations to build training that mirrors their production environment with their own bespoke content.

Benefits of Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement service helps in accurately identifying the skill gaps and provide effective learning paths and latest training content to develop and validate the skills with real-time insights. It is available for all major cloud and emerging technologies and can be used across all industry domains.

Skill Enhancement helps create skilled teams in IT enterprises that are ready to execute complex IT projects helping the businesses thrive in a competitive market. The human resources department can also be empowered to identify skill gaps in the workforce and implement apposite upskilling initiatives. At an individual level, it offers employees a user-friendly platform with updated and engaging content enabling skill development and a faster career progression.

What we do

At Simplex, we help clients identify the skill gaps of the workforce by an in-depth analysis of the business requirements of the organisation and help curate customised learning modules to bridge these skill gaps. We also help build short-term and long-term training management plans for businesses of all sizes.