Advisory & Architecture

What is Advisory & Architecture

Organisations need strategic guidance and technical expertise to help them navigate the complex world of IT architecture and make informed decisions about their technology investments.

Advisory Services

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape, our Advisory services help clients develop and implement effective IT strategies – including around IT governance, risk management, and compliance – that align with their business objectives and market imperatives.

A team of experienced consultants can help clients identify their IT requirements, evaluate their technology options, and develop a comprehensive IT strategy to make better-informed decisions about their IT investments and achieve better results. By conducting thorough assessments of existing IT systems and processes, they identify areas for improvement, recommend innovative solutions, and develop a roadmap for digital transformation.

Architecture Services

Our Architecture services are focused on designing and implementing robust and scalable IT solutions that meet clients’ specific requirements. This includes everything from designing software applications to building complex data management and IT infrastructure solutions. We ensure seamless implementation of architectural designs and provide technical guidance, review code and configurations, and oversee the entire lifecycle of IT projects to ensure successful delivery.

Our comprehensive architecture services help organisations create efficient, secure, and future- proof IT infrastructures. These services help clients achieve better results from their IT investments as well as achieve better performance, scalability, and reliability from their IT solutions, which can ultimately improve their business outcomes.

The Simplex proposition

Advisory and architecture services are often combined to provide clients with a comprehensive IT solution. This approach ensures that clients receive strategic guidance and technical expertise throughout the entire IT project lifecycle.

We understand the technical challenges that businesses face in this fast-paced digital world… whether it’s navigating outdated legacy systems, managing soaring cloud costs, mitigating risks associated with inherited applications, or tackling unpredictable system outages. Combining advisory and architecture services can help clients achieve better results from their IT investments, reduce risks, and improve their overall IT posture.

At Simplex, our advisory and architecture services help clients with strategic guidance and technical expertise to help them make informed decisions about their technology investments.