What is Multicloud

Multicloud entails the use of two or more cloud services from different cloud providers in a single heterogeneous architecture. It enables consistent and unified management of the workflow and applications across the clouds.

A multicloud environment aims to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider and enables organisations to deliver application services across multiple private and public clouds containing any combination of multiple cloud vendors, multiple cloud accounts, multiple cloud availability zones, or multiple cloud regions.

Multicloud is similar to hybrid cloud which is a combination of public and private clouds. Multicloud, though, implies more than one public cloud provider service and need not include a private cloud component at all.

Some of our work includes: Google Cloud Platform: As Enterprise Solution Architects, our associates have helped in designing and developing a Governance Engine using Spring Boot microservice, Drools Rule Engine, and GCP components (BigQuery, Cloud SQL, GCE, Data Studio) for HSBC metadata to comply with audit rules and policies.

Microsoft Azure: As Enterprise Architect, our associates have helping in the development of a Data Analytics Platform using Denodo and Microsoft Azure components such as Azure Synapse, Databricks, and Azure Automation.

Amazon Web Services: As Senior Solution Architects, our associates designed and developed a self-serve Data Analytics Product using Java/Spring Boot microservice based architecture and deployed the entire stack on AWS.

Benefits of Multicloud

Enterprises adopt a multicloud strategy so as not to ‘keep all their eggs in a single basket’, for compliance or regulatory requirements, for geographic separation, for business resilience and continuity or to take advantage of specific features available with a particular cloud service provider.

Multicloud helps organisations to distribute computing resources and minimize the risk of downtime or any data loss.

What we do

At Simplex Services, we help our clients in cloud adoption and application portfolio rationalisation as well as cloud assessment, migration, and optimisation.

With our cloud operating model, we enable enterprises to adopt cloud services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The model is focused on building scalable and secure multicloud environments with low risks and faster delivery methods.